A good quality wooden recurve bow is necessary for impressive archery. It makes aiming and shooting easier and much more enjoyable, and with time, it improves your archery skills and builds your confidence. Unfortunately, many bows do not offer the features necessary for enjoyable and rewarding archery. It is not wise to settle for a poor quality bow that will frustrate your archery skills. Here is a review of five wooden bows that guarantee efficacy and make shooting fun:

The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow review

This is a very unique bow that is impressive for its price. You are guaranteed value for every dollar spent as it offers a range of highly useful features.

This Wooden Recurve Bow is made of hard maple wood and dymondwood. These woods are strong and durable, and the manufacturer gives it a soft and smooth finishing. Its AMO length is 62’’ and this allows you a sizeable draw. You are allowed a draw of up to 29’’ and the force assures you success when shooting long distances. The bow also comes fitted with front stabilizer brass bushings which make it compatible with a range of other handy tools like a plunger with an elevated rest and a bow fishing reel. You are hence able to customize your shooting experience as much as you may need.

It further comes with a quiver, stabilizer, plunger, and sight. As such, it significantly reduces the cost of other accessories needed to go out shooting, and you can literary use it off the shelf. Limbs can be bought different add or minimize the weight as desired.

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SAS Spirit 62″ Take Down Wooden Recurve Bow

SAS Spirit 62" TakeDown Recurve Bow

This Recurve Bow is made for amateurs and professionals as well. It not only offers excellent performance but also has a compact and elegant look. It is also very affordable and the features are worth the money.

This bow is made of maple laminations to make it strong and durable. The wood rising has a yellowish and cream color that makes it look stylish and compact, and it indeed is compact. Its AMO length is 62’’ and you can get a strong and long draw depending on the shooting distance. It is normal for the bow to bend, but it may be impossible to get it to break. Besides, the bending increases flexibility and tension thereby allowing the arrow to fly faster for longer distances.

The limbs of this wooden recurve bow are made of strong fiberglass which makes it lighter and more durable. However, it is designed to suit right-handed people, and it offers optimal results for people measuring about 5’7’’.

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Samick Sage w/ STRINGER Recurve Bow

Samick Sage w STRINGER


This is one of the best entry-level wooden bows in the market. It comes with a host of features that make it easier to shoot longer. The level of accuracy it offers further promises many users a rewarding shooting session if you are out hunting for game.

It is made of hard maple which makes it strong and durable. The limbs are also made of a combination of hard maple with strong black fiberglass. It is also comfortably light and ideal for use by everyone, young and old. This recurve bow also has a stylish and elegant look. This attractive appearance is because of the metal limb pocket design as well as the single tapered knob design.

It comes with pre-installed brass bushings that boost its versatility. You can attach it to a host of other tools like a bow fishing reel when you plan to go fishing or a plunger with an elevated rest for greater accuracy. You also get a sight, quiver, stabilizer, and plunger. An instructional video link is also available to guide first-time users when using the bow.

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Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Bow Archery

Spirit Jr 54 Beginner Youth Bow Archery

The Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Bow Archery was made with the young generation in mind. It has everything that a youth interested in archery will appreciate: good looks, elegant touch, and quality features.

This Wooden Recurve Bow is made of a combination of laminated maple wood and strong fiberglass. What’s more, the riser is made of three strong Asian wood: the arborea, the beech, and the chuglam. They combine to give it a yellowing and cream color that gives it a stylish appearance ideal for the youth. What’s more, they are resistant to tension and hence offer durability.

Its performance will match high-end pro bows as it has all the right features. Its AMO length is 54’’ and its flexibility allows for a long and strong draw. The bow will bend when drawing hard, but it definitely cannot break. The price is great for the features offered, and the accuracy it offers allows budding archers to enhance and improve their skills. It is ideal for youth measuring 5’4’’ and it is designed solely for right-handed users.

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SAS Takedown Youth Archery Wooden Recurve Bow

SAS Takedown Youth Archery Recurve Bow

The SAS Takedown Youth Archery Recurve Bow is the best gift you can give your little one if he/she is interested in archery. Its features make shooting easy even without the basic skills. It is one of the best bows in the market because of the amazing features.

It is made of hard maple wood combined with fiber glass to make it strong. It measures 60’’ and allows for a maximum draw length of 28’’ without imposing too much physical strain on the young one. Its level of accuracy makes it easy for beginners to learn from their mistakes and recover. What’s more, it is fun to use and will keep the little one interested in the rewarding skill.

It is relatively light weight and easy and quick to assemble so it should be easy to use. It is also very affordable and a good investment for introducing your young one to archery. It comes with a sight for better accuracy and you can buy other equipment and accessories to customize it further.

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My Final Thought

Go for the best bow to boost your archery skills and make hunting and target shooting fun and rewarding. These are the best wooden recurve bows in the industry, and they are not only of great quality but also affordable for all users.

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