Choosing the right takedown recurve bow guarantees you of a good experience. Whether a beginner or a seasoned archer, your main desire is to hit your targets more-often-than-not. You also don’t want to strain or use lots of effort while at it. However, with so many bows in the market, making the right choice can be complicated. In fact, poor decision or wrong choice can lead to a bad experience. Not only do you get frustrated, or take too long to learn the art, but you miss your targets too often. To avoid the frustrations and enjoy the best experience, it is crucial to make the right choice right from the start.

A Bit about the Takedown Recurve Bows

The recurve bow is among the most popular types in the market and is commonly used in target archery, the Olympics, and other situations. The bow is believed to have originated from Egypt and is known for its distinctive curved tips on each end. This design helps improve the smoothness and user-friendliness. The two curved ends are known as the limb tips; the middle section is called the riser while the part between the riser and limb tip is known as either the top or bottom limb. The riser is mostly made from metal but wood is also used while the limbs are crafted from wood, carbon, and fiberglass among other materials.


How is A Takedown Recurve Bow Unique?

A takedown is a special class of recurve bows. Unlike other bows which consist of one solid frame, a takedown comes in a unique design that allows the bow to be collapsed or broken down into three parts. This is done after the bow has been unstrung and makes it easy to carry as well as store it. In its strung form, the bow is as solid as a single-piece bow. Another unique aspect of the takedown is the limb tips which can be varied to suit different preferences and applications. For instance, after getting used to a 30-pound tip, an archer can switch to a 40-pound tip which offers more draw weight.

How to Choose the Best Takedown Recurve Bow for You

Choosing a good Takedown Recurve Bow can be a challenge to both first-timers as well as experienced users. This is attributed to lack of knowledge or skills or many types. A poor selection undermines the fun and experience you will have. When searching for the best product, you need to have the following aspects in mind:

Intended Use

A bow for target practice is different from that used in hunting. In target practice, you can get away with a bow that has low draw weight since the arrow needs to penetrate light material such as cardboard or foam, and there is a minimal obstruction. However, in hunting, the arrow has to travel fast through bushes, twigs, as well as penetrating the animal’s body. A bow with higher draw weight is therefore more effective.

Right Size

It advisable to go for a bow that is slightly shorter than you as this improves handling and adaptability. Beginners should go for light and uncomplicated types as opposed to seasoned users who can handle heavier and more complex designs.

Draw Size

Size is key to finding the right product and it’s advisable to seek advice and guidance from an experienced user or coach. Generally, young users aged between 6 and 12 years should go for bows ranging from 54 to 64 inches. Teens and adults can go for bigger sizes starting from 64 up to 70 inches.

Draw Length

This is the power delivered and length the string will expand before releasing the arrow; the longer it is the higher the draw length. Bows not exceeding 25 inches should have a draw length of between 54 and 62″, while types measuring up to 27inches should have between 64″ and 66 inches. Draw length of bows not exceeding 29 inches should be between 66 and 68inches, up to 31 inches from 68″ to 70 inches, and for 31-inch bows, the draw length should be from 70 to 72 inches.

Top Three Takedown Recurve Bows

SAS Explorer Metal Riser Takedown Recurve Bow

SAS Explorer Metal Riser Takedown Recurve Bow

Recommended for shooters whose height does not exceeding 6 feet, the SAS Explorer Metal Riser Takedown Recurve is ideal for young as well as mature adults. The 66-inch bow is perfect for target practice and also hunting in the backyard, woods, sporting and other situations. Courtesy of the strongly-built fiberglass frame, the bow is light in weight (2.4 pounds), and also offers you the much-needed flexibility and portability. Featuring a draw weight of 22, 26, 30, and 34 pounds, the sturdy and highly-polished casting aluminum riser can withstand constant use, different hand sizes, and rugged terrains.

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SAS Takedown Youth Archery Recurve Bow

SAS Takedown Youth Archery Recurve Bow

If you are a beginner or are intending to buy your child a good bow, then you should consider the SAS Takedown Youth Archery Recurve. Made from wood and featuring an aluminum alloy riser, the 60-inch bow is suitable for individuals who are new to the sport. It comes with fiberglass and wood limb plus a 28-inch Dacron string which provides 30/40 pounds of draw weight. Providing a maximum speed of 135/156 FPS, the left or right-handed recurve bow which also features pre-installed Brass Bushings, Brass Plunger, Quiver/Sight and Stabilizer is quite flexible, user-friendly and ideal for beginners.

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SAS Spirit 62″ Take Down Recurve Bow

SAS Spirit 62" TakeDown Recurve Bow

Backyard shooting, hunting trips in the wood, or target practice can be taken a notch higher courtesy of the SAS Spirit 62″ Take down Recurve. Ideally suited for users not exceeding heights of 5ft 7inches, this bow is designed for left or right handed users who are getting into the sport. It comes with strong fiberglass limbs and maple laminations, has a length of 62 inches and provides 22, 26, 30, and 34 pounds of draw weight. In addition to giving it a cream or pale yellow appearance, the wood riser (made from arborea, beech, chuglam, or gmelina tree species) guarantees you of longevity and user-friendliness.

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The above Takedowns are ideally suited for both beginners as well as intermediate archers. They are light, compact, and are easy to use. What’s more, the three types of bows are versatile and suitable for children and adults, target practice as well as hunting. In addition to being competitively priced, the bows also come from SAS, a renowned and reputable manufacturer of top-notch bows. If you desire a great and memorable experience, you will find the above-mentioned takedown recurve bows ideal.

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