The simplicity of the bow makes it great for the ones, who are trying their hands for the first time in hunting. Even though it is best suited for the people who are new to the world of archery, the Sage is also found to be used by a few of the experts. The design has been built in such a manner, that the newer players can build their shooting ability and skills. The Samick Sage is one of the best bows, as it can be set up very easily, has a clean pull and is very high on versatility as well as durability. Here is a short Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Review, to give you an idea about what it has to offer.

Features of Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

This recurve bow is available both in a right and a left handed version. The length of the bow is exactly 62 inches, which is a perfect length for players, who are building their form. The Samick Sage is a bow, whose parts can be taken down. With this bow, you get the opportunity to upgrade the limbs as the strength develops. Thus, you will not need to purchase a new bow, when your skill level will rises. You will get a large number of draw weights varying between 30 lbs. and 55 lbs. You can even increase the draw weights, once you become more experienced with archery. Thus, it makes it even more cost-effective.

The Riser

The overall design is very simple and well-polished. The simplicity in its design, makes it even more reliable. Thus, in fact, this simplicity is the exact reason why this bow is so reliable and such a perfect choice for the beginners. There is basically nothing that you can break or damage. The riser has been formed with an Olive Dymondwood and Maple. These materials play an important role in making it resilient and long-lasting. The materials are also responsible for making it look so awesome.


You generally get limbs on the bow at this price range. The Sage has quite long limbs, but, the best part is that the Sage is a takedown bow and thus, you separate the limbs from the riser. This detachable feature also makes the storage and transportation of the Samick Sage much easier.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow review


  • The string of the bow is quite fast and can last more than a thousand arrows.
  • The comfortable grip helps to get more comfortable aiming.
  • You can take it down and set it up with bare hands.
  • Even though there is a bit of hand shock, you will not experience much of a vibration.


  • You might feel a little bit of vibration while using it.

If you get a model with a draw weight of more than forty, you will be able to harvest deer from more than thirty yards, without facing any kind of problem. To go for the larger games, you will require to get the one with heavier weight. Even if it is not the smallest recurve bow on the market, but it is compact enough to carry around and aim in the field.

This recurve will surely give you the joy of shooting. If you invest a few dollars, you can get yourself this amazing recurve bow for a lifetime.

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