SA Sports Empire Terminator

• It comes pre-strung, offering ease of use and assembly.
• It is accurate to a great extent without any special devices.
• The multi range scope is brilliant for sighting targets several yards away.
• It delivers power pact performance and can be used to hit even moving targets.
• It is affordable as well.

• The bow is not suitable for kids at all as it has no special safety.

A crossbow consists of a horizontal limb that’s mounted across the stock, which gives the user a steady and more powerful way of quickly loading an arrow for rapid fire. While many crossbows are built for short distance fire, there are some which are used for long distance shooting. Crossbows are commonly used in 2 situations:

Sport shooting events where accuracy tests are measured; Crossbow shooting can also be a hobby and a great way of showing off you accuracy skills.

Hunting where power and silence is key; When hunting small game, crossbows offer a great advantage since they’re powerful, silent, and capable of being easily reloaded and fired rapidly.

There are 2 main types of crossbows, and each presents unique properties and benefits;

The Compound Crossbow; This is a more recent crossbow in the market. This bow can either have single limbs or split limbs. It is heavier than the recurve bow and it uses a cam system. It also has much shorter limbs than the recurve crossbow, which makes it ideal for hunting especially where space is limited because of twigs, branches and such.

The Recurve Crossbow

; This is the traditional style of crossbows. The recurve crossbow uses 2 solid limb assemblies that are attached onto the crossbow’s stock which makes it able to shoot bolts with a great powerful force by sweeping the limbs back and pulling the crossbow’s tips forward. This in turn, creates great potential energy, which gives the user lots of speed and power. Below is one of the best recurve crossbows in the market today;

SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow

This is an excellent little crossbow that’s priced for the working man’s budget. This crossbow comes at an affordable price, which makes it perfect for beginners who are just starting out. This economical crossbow is built in Gull Wing design recurve style with the brass strings roller seats.

The crossbow has many of the top standard features which are present in the more expensive bows. Some of these features include; picatinny mount foregrip, precision scope mount, ambidextrous safety, trigger assembly, claw lever latch quick detach quiver, adjustable rear stock, and an integrated barrel picatinny rail.

Its’ package includes 2, 16 inch 2219 aluminum arrows, a 4 by 32 multi-range scope, hex keys and a rope cocking device. If you are an avid archer looking to purchase a crossbow which offers great value for your money, then the Empire Terminator fits that requirement.

Features and Benefits of SAS Sports Empire Terminator

Built with a Gulf Wing recurve design, the SAS Sports Terminator is one of the most economical crossbows delivering exceptional performance. The bow offers great value for money and is surely one to watch with its brilliant features.

Dynamic powerful performance

The axle measure of the bow is 26 inches that provides a brilliant draw weight of almost 175 lbs. Apart from that, the bow can fire arrows at an excellent speed of over 260 feet per second, impressive for any affordable bow. Even at a distance of over 60 yards, you will have roughly 55 feet pounds of kinetic energy backing the arrow for a great shot.

Ease of Use

The bow is pre strung and hence any user might not have any difficulty in assembling it or stringing it. The bow has easy mechanism built for beginners but offers a performance that impresses even the professionals while being incredibly easy to use.

Precision and accuracy

The bow is so precise and accurate that you can shoot targets that are 40 yards away with perfection. Even if you were to move 50-60 yards away, you could still maintain 1 inch groupings without difficulty.

Excellent design

The bow is brilliantly designed and needless to say, it is lightweight and compact, offering an amazing experience to all users alike.

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SA Sports Empire Terminator Review

  • Brass strings roller seats
  • Comes prestrung
  • Trigger assemble and precision scope mount
  • Ambidextrous auto safety
  • Picatinny mount foregrip
  • Adjustable rear stock
  • Integrated full barrel picatinny rail
  • Claw lever quick detach quiver
  • Speed; 260 fps
  • Draw weight; 175 lbs
  • Mass weight; 4.5 lbs
  • Power stroke; 11.5 inches
  • Axle to axle; 26.5 inches

Package Includes;

  • Two, 16 inch 2219 aluminum arrows
  • 4 by 32 Multi-range scope
  • A rope cocking device

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the bow design ambidextrous?
Q. Is this bow good for beginners or learners?
Q.Can this be bow be used for hunting?

My Thoughts

This crossbow has a very easy draw back when you use the rope cocking device, also the included scope makes hitting targets which are at a long distance, very simple; You can get a crisp, clear sighting of your target, even when at 50 – 60 yards away. Bottom line, the Empire Terminator is a reliable, accurate, powerful, and amazingly affordable crossbow. Buy yours today, and make your hunting adventures more fun.

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