What determines the success in hunting? Is it the skill and patience of the hunter or the quality of the equipment he uses? No one denies that skills matter. However, you cannot deny the fact that, the quality of the recurve bow, can decide to a great extent whether you will be able to hit your mark and enjoy the game, or spend your whole day searching the right arrow and become frustrated about missing the mark.

In the modern hunting world, modern crossbow and compound hunting bow are two of the most commonly used equipments of archery. But, surprisingly, even today, a large group of archers today still prefer to use a recurve bow, mainly because of its technology. The contemporary recurve hunting bow is quite alive and popular among the archers.

The majority of the prominent companies, which produces the compound bows, are also known to manufacture modern recurve bows of the highest quality. These recurve bows not only provides some of the finest examples of the bowyers art, but, they are among the best tools for hunting archer. Moreover, many of the individual professional bowyers also produce both the custom bows as well as the specialty bows. As there are a large variety of options available to you in the market, how can you actually choose the best one for you?

How to Choose the Best Recurve Bow for Hunting?

Before choosing your recurve bow, you will need to understand, why certain bows are better that the other? The best recurve bow for hunting should have the following features:

Should be silent: It is one of the most important aspects, as if your it generates any kind of noise while taking the aim, your prey might just get away from your hands. Thus, you should choose a bow, that minimizes this kind of noise. The equipments should be constructed of limbs made up of specific, “quiet” material. They should be well tuned, should have dampeners and other essential elements for making the string silent.

Perfect Drawing Strength: The recurve bows should have a drawing strength of at least forty pounds or more. If you are planning to aim at your prey from a distance of over fifteen yards and want the arrow to penetrate the body deeply, the bow should be able to draw a minimum weight of forty pounds. Otherwise, your pray will just get injured and run away.

The bow you are choosing must have a draw weight that you can handle. During the time of aiming, if the draw weight becomes too much for the muscle, you will start shaking, which will affect your aim. Thus, unless you are really sure about how much draw weight you can handle, you should consider going for a weight between forty to fifty pounds, as most of the males can handle it well.

Long: The longer the length of the bow, there will be better chances of making accurate aims. Remember that, your bow should be at least of around fifty-eight inches long if not more. All the highest quality recurve bows are generally of at least sixty inches.

Ease of Transport: Many people, specially the ones who are new in this field often do not consider this to be a problem. But, if you have to safely carry a sixty-inch bow from one place to another, it can really turn out to be a great deal. In case you do not have a big enough car, you will have to get a takedown bow, where you can detach a few parts by unscrewing a few screws. This will make the storing and transporting procedure much easier for you. Thus, if you are not sure, that you can carry your bow safely, it is better to go for a takedown bow.

Top 5 Recurve Bows

Now, let’s have a look at the best 5 recurve bows available in the market. In the following sections, you will come to know what makes these bows special and what you could expect from them.

Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow

Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow

The Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow is currently among the most popular bows, especially among the starters, who do not have any experience of trying out a traditional bow, but, are eager to give it a shot. Another reason for its popularity is its price. You can have a great hunting experience, without spending a lot of money. This particular take down bow, is considered to be suitable for both hunting as well as target practicing.

Moreover, it is highly user-friendly, which makes it even more suitable for the starters. The bow has a very comfortable grip and at the same time, the aluminum riser is extremely light. It is also very high on durability. It has a very simple yet sophisticated design, without any kind of unnecessary parts. It has a very simple way of functioning and it also does not require much servicing.

The Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow has three parts, which can be separated quite easily. Thus, you can easily store as well as transport it, which is again important for the beginners, who do not have enough knowledge and experience of handling it. The Takedown Bow will help the beginners to learn about the basic construction of their own equipment as they will have to assemble it. This will also make the handling aspect much easier for you. You will be able to remove the limbs with ease and store them even in the smaller places as long as you wish.

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PSE 10 Snake Recurve Bow

PSE 10 Snake Recurve Bow

PSE 10 Snake is another great product of a company, which is considered to be one of the best recurve bow manufacturers in the market. The length of the bow is sixty inches and is a little bit on the heavier side, which makes the PSE 10 Snake one of the best hunting recurve bows for the new archers. However, even the intermediate archers may also consider using it, as the model is available in different weights. So, if you are new to the sport, you can choose a lighter weight option. Even though you might struggle with the length in the beginning, you will learn more consistent shooting.

As the larger ones, are known to give better shots than the smaller ones, even if you make minor flaws with the longer models, you will get a better chance of getting accurate aims. This is mainly because of the ambidextrous design, which makes it ideal for both the right and left hand shooters. The great features together helps to create a vibration-free shot. The PSE 10 Snake is usually sold within hundred dollars.

Most of the users feel that the bow is absolutely accurate, easy to use, and is powerful enough for using in hunting purpose. Each of your draw will be extremely smooth and it has a rubberized grip, which makes it very user-friendly. You can take on your preys even from a distance of around thirty yards, and get your aims correct.

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Samick Sage Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

The Samick Sage manufacturers have been known for making some of the highest quality products for more than forty years. The Samick Sage Recurve Bow is definitely one of the topmost recurve bows in the market, especially for the beginners. It is about sixty-two inches long and has been designed, especially by considering the requirements of the ones who are new to the sport. This equipment is perfect for those, who have to practice to build up their stance and are working on developing their shooting ability. It is quite inexpensive, especially if you look at the quality.

Further, it can also be upgraded by replacing with new limbs, as you become more efficient and stronger. Its quality of changing the limbs makes it even more versatile. So, you can use it in your backyard for the target practice and even while going out hunting. Even if you do a little research on the archery, you will notice that the majority of the experts has recommended it, especially for the beginners. You will generally get this product at a price of around the $150 mark.

It is extremely popular among the users, especially because of the quality and versatility it offers in its price range. Most of the similar products are way more expensive. The bow has a great build, is easy to maintain, can be fired very smoothly, simple to setup, and powerful. It is also very easy to take down and has a great accuracy.

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Ragim Wildcat Takedown Recurve Bow

Ragim Wildcat Takedown Recurve Bow

Ragim Wildcat Takedown Recurve Bow is also manufactured by a renowned company. The Ragim Wildcat can be used by almost anyone, whether he is an expert or a novice. It has a length of sixty-two inches, which makes it good for accuracy. It is very easy to take down and thus, you can easily carry on long trips and store. It is a complete archery set, which comes with a high-quality bow and great accessories. It will facilitate you in pulling off a great shot each and every time, whether you are practicing in your backyard or going for some serious hunting missions. It is especially ideal for practice as well as recreational archery.

A Ragim Wildcat is generally available within a range of 150 dollars and 250 dollars. Ragim Wildcat is very popular among the users, specially because, it can be obtained for a new archer and then it can be used for many years to come. Thus, its high durability and versatility makes it a highly cost effective choice.

Many of the users have praised it because of the high-quality materials, that it is made up of. It is often said that it is so high on durability that, if someone buys it, it almost becomes a lifetime asset. The user-friendly bow, makes learning the sport easy for the beginners. It is also popular because of its smooth and silent functionality and for being extremely accurate. So, if you access the price and the functionality it offers, you can never be disappointed for your investment.

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SAS Takedown Youth Archery Recurve Bow

SAS Takedown Youth Archery Recurve Bow

This is again among the top recurve bows available in the market, especially if you consider the price range. It is about sixty inches long and can have draw a weight up to sixty pounds. You will find amazing versatility in it and you can use it for any purpose you wish for. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor target practice, for open-field and for forest hunting. You can even use it for 3D shooting.

The SAS Takedown has a look which is extremely fashionable and unique. The whole body of the bow is covered with natural wood, which makes it particularly resistant against abrasions and humidity, which are extremely important factors while hunting. The bow has a fiberglass face, which makes it great on accuracy and further helps in providing a great arrow stability.

The riser of the bow and its limbs are constructed of Northern Hardwood and a high-strength fiberglass, which is by far the most durable material combination. This works really well along with various kinds of strings. Moreover, the SAS Takedown comes with the pre-installed brass bushings, which is extremely durable. It is a high-quality string, that will probably save you from changing the string for quite a long period of time.

The SAS Takedown has been on the market, without any major change, for over a period of sixty years. People have successfully used it to hunt down the lions, bears, and other wild animals. Thus, you can easily put your money in this product, without worrying too much about it.

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Introduction to the Parts of a Recurve Bow

Recurve Bow Parts

Final Thoughts

The purchase you will make should completely depend on how advanced you are in this field. This will have a great impact on the way you will use your bow and how many targets you will be able to hit. If you do not have a very strong build and do not have much experience, then you should opt for the smaller drawing weight versions and vice-versa.

You can basically buy any of the above bows, but, always remember that the draw weight requires to match your body weight and you should be able to take a shot from twenty to thirty yards. Now, you have got enough knowledge about buying the best recurve bow for hunting and so, you can buy yourself a bow, that will exactly suit your purpose.


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